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relay controller with web interface

  • relaydroid-3R: 3 open collector outputs (17.5mm narrow case)
  • relaydroid-6R: 6 open collector outputs (17.5mm narrow case)
  • relaydroid-9R: 9 open collector outputs (17.5mm narrow case)
  • relaydroid-18R: 18 open collector outputs (35mm wide case)
  • relaydroid-21R: 21 open collector outputs (35mm wide case)
  • relaydroid-3R+COM: 3 open collector outputs and RX/TX pins for remote serial communication (17.5mm narrow case)
  • relaydroid-IO: 3 open collector outputs, 3 analog inputs (17.5mm narrow case)
  • Dimensions (W,H,D):
    • 17.5mm narrow case: 17.5x90x56.4 mm
    • 35mm wide case: 35.8x90x56.4 mm
  • Holding: DIN-rail
  • Input voltage: 12-24V DC
  • Input current requirements:
    • relaydroid-3R, relaydroid-6R, relaydroid-9R, relaydroid-3R+COM, relaydroid-IO: recommended min. 500mA
    • relaydroid-18R, relaydroid-21R: recommended min. 1250mA
  • Power consumption: max. 1W (@12VDC) with all outputs off
  • Open collector outputs can drain max. 500mA to GND
  • Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mbit compatible, RJ-45 port, 10Mbit
  • Implemented network protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, NTP, NetBios, DHCP, DNS, ICMP (PING)
  • 6 LED: 1 power status + 2 Ethernet status + 3 output status LED
  • 1 button, used to: switch outputs on/off, reboot, reset to factory settings
Layout (17.5mm narrow case models):
relaydroid dimensions
Layout (35mm wide case models):
relaydroid dimensions
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