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relay controller with web interface

The relaydroid devices can be used to control relays through the Internet or LAN with a web user interface. With relaydroid devices you can easily create a smart switch for any purpose.
  • DIN rail case for easy installation in distribution boards
  • Compact size, only 17.5mm wide
  • 'State of the art' electric design
    • microcontroller based embedded webserver
    • very fast startup time (<1sec)
    • high reliability
    • safe use
    • long life
  • 8-28V DC input power (the power adapter is not included)
    • compatible with 12V and 24V relays
      (the relays are not included)
  • 10Mbit RJ-45 Ethernet port
    • 10/100/1000 Mbit compatible
  • Different versions for different purpose:
    • relaydroid-3R: 3 open collector outputs
    • relaydroid-6R: 6 open collector outputs
    • relaydroid-9R: 9 open collector outputs
    • relaydroid-18R: 18 open collector outputs (35mm wide case)
    • relaydroid-21R: 21 open collector outputs (35mm wide case)
    • relaydroid-3R+COM: 3 open collector outputs and RX/TX pins for remote serial communication
    • relaydroid-IO: 3 open collector outputs, 3 digital inputs, 3 analog inputs
    • relaydroid-3D: 3 digital inputs
    • relaydroid-6D: 6 digital inputs
    • relaydroid-9D: 9 digital inputs
    • relaydroid-21D: 21 digital inputs
    • relaydroid-3R3D: 3 open collector outputs, 3 digital inputs
    • relaydroid-3R3A: 3 open collector outputs, 3 analog inputs
    • open collector outputs can be used to control relays or as a remote "button" (max. 500mA)
    • the outputs can be switched separately
    • output states are stored in non-volatile memory (in case of power failure)
    • can be switched on for a given time (switch-off timer)
    • COM version: TTL or RS232 output, can function as a remote serial port through Ethernet TCP/IP!
  • control with a web-based user interface through LAN or Internet
    • with a mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Symbian, etc.)
    • with a PC browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.)
  • multilingual user interface (eng, hun, etc.)
  • embedded webserver
  • fully configurable
    • fix IP or DHCP client
    • NetBios name
    • changeable MAC address
    • multiple login users (username, password, privileges)
    • the outputs can be named
  • relay switching with a button on the device
  • LED feedback about the status of the relays
  • easy usage
  • application examples:
    • intelligent home solutions
    • control heating systems remotely
    • control sprinkler systems remotely
    • control machines remotely
    • control lights remotely
    • remote programming of PLC controllers (e.g. programming of suncollector controllers through the Internet)
    • as a remote serial terminal without a PC
    • copy relay states to a remote location
  • it is possible to control several relaydroid devices simultaneously from a PC software, with a calendar-like automatic scheduling, e.g. on Monday 10:00 AM + Tuesday 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM (relaydroid-controller software)
  • special functions can be implemented, etc.:
    • it is possible to use two relaydroids in pair (etc. relaydroid-3R and relaydroid-3D) to copy the state of a local relay to a remote relay1
    • it is possible to use the digital inputs as an impulse switch to control the local or remote relays1
    • it is possible to send status emails at the change of the inputs1
    • it is possible to PING servers and switch a relay if there is no response in the given time1
    • it is possible to use symmetric-key AES encryption or MD5 signature in the communication API1
    • it is possible to connect several devices to an Internet cloud server and control all devices from one place1
    • 1: please ask for these special functions at the time of order!
  • Programmer API for custom solutions
    • HTTP API (with HTTP GET requests)
    • TCP/IP API (text messages through TCP/IP)
  • User Manual (pdf)
  • API Documentation (pdf)
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